How Much Does A Lakeridge Winery Cost For 100 Guests?

How Much Does A Lakeridge Winery Cost For 100 Guests

Welcome to Lakeridge Winery, where you can have an impressive vintage wedding. If you’re interested, check out this article for the Lakeridge Winery wedding cost.

Lakeridge Winery is famous as a large vineyard in the US state of Florida and is known for hosting impressive vintage-style weddings.

Our company is surrounded by large vineyards, creating a unique romantic scene that adds a luxurious touch to your party.

With the above attractive information, surely everyone will think: Lakeridge Winery wedding cost will be very expensive!

But no, you are wrong at Lakeridge Winery. We always follow the motto of providing customers with quality service packages at affordable prices.

To help you get more detailed information about the cost of organizing a wedding, the following article will share how much does a Lakeridge Winery wedding cost for 100 guests?

Here, we will provide you with Lakeridge Winery prices of 2 wedding packages for your reference and choose the one that suits you most.

Wedding Photos At The Vineyard

Wedding Photos At The Vineyard

 Lakeridge Winery Wedding Cost List 1

Wedding Table At Lakeridge Winery

Wedding Table At Lakeridge Winery

In this package, the Lakeridge Winery wedding costs $31,519. Includes the following services:

Moving Flower Car: $830

The first thing indispensable at the party is the splendid flower car, taking the bride and groom to the “happiness” destination.

Lakeridge Winery offers you a wide selection of luxury cars from all over the world so that you can choose your favorite, such as Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Camry, etc.

Location: $15,000

You can choose 1 of 2 locations:  indoor and outdoor.

Suppose you choose to organize in a dedicated space. The party can be held on the adjoining balcony, where the beauty of the vineyard can be admired.

If you choose to organize outdoors, the party will strike an impressive attraction because the surrounding vines create a unique atmosphere close to nature.

Prepare The Party Program

The next thing Lakeridge Winery will prepare to make your party more attractive is to write the script, choose the MC to host the program, and a band to make the party more joyful and meaningful.

This part will cost $ 1,200.

Take Photos/Videos

Before and during the event, we have a package of wedding photography or caricature painting services to help the bride and groom capture memorable moments with their friends and relatives. 

If you want to save the day, this package price is $2,300.

Wedding Dress: $2,500

To help the bride become the most gorgeous and the groom become luxurious and elegant, Lakeridge Winery weddings offer you the following additional services:

  1. Bride’s wedding dress
  2. Suits for the groom
  3. Makeup

The accompanying services such as hairdressing, makeup, and shoes make the bride and groom look impressive. 

Our team of makeup staff selects people with many years of experience to enhance your beauty.

  1. Wedding ring

We also provide many models of wedding rings from famous designers with a wide range of price points for you to choose from.

The total price of these parts is around $2,500.

Decoration: $2,379

You will be really impressed when you come to the wedding party designed by the professional and attentive staff of Lakeridge Winery.

We will design appealing photo backdrops only available at Lakeridge winery weddings.

At the gallery table, we will display the impressive moments that the couple has shared to cheer up the guests and make the party cozier. Also, your party will be highlighted with our special wedding cake. We design with a wish of good fortune and fertility for you two.

During the event, a stage will be set up so that everyone can sing songs to congratulate the happy day of the spouses.

Besides, we offer standard tables, chairs, linens, napkins, and rentals from famous brands.

Party Time At Lakeridge Winery Weddings

Lakeridge Winery has 2 packages as follows:

  • Weekdays from Monday to Friday: $ 3,000
  • Time of year: by season

Event Time

The party will last for 5 hours, including events such as:

  •  Engagement ceremony for two families to give each other gifts.
  • Party time to entertain guests.
  • End of the party: everyone and the couple take photos to save memorable moments.

Menu For The Wedding Party: $1,400

Starter: Seafood salad with shrimp, squid with lemon, and extra virgin olive oil, etc.

Main courses: Barbecue beef brisket, pork spareribs, smoked sausages, barbecue chicken, etc.

Dessert: Tiramisu, classic lemon bars with cream, etc.

Drink: Sunblush, Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards South White, etc.

Service fees and bonuses: 20%

Especially when you register for a wedding party at Lakeridge Winery, there will be no service fee incurred.

Honeymoon: $3,010

The last part of the Lakeridge Winery weddings and the most exciting part for the bride and groom – honeymoon. If you choose Lakeridge Winery, you will have an unforgettable experience with 5 days and 4 nights in Hollywood. You can pay by cash or bank transfer.

Lakeridge Winery Wedding Cost List 2

Wedding Flowers And Champagne

Wedding Flowers And Champagne

The 2nd Lakeridge Winery weddings package includes the following parts:

Food And Wine: $1,250

Before the party, all guests will enjoy food and drink with the bride and groom.

Moving Flower Car: $830

Like package 1, we will offer you many different fancy cars jazzed up with lovely flowers.

Wedding Party Venue: $15,000

There are 2 options: indoor and outdoor.

When you have your wedding outside of the vineyard, you can have a variety of beautiful natural settings. They can create compelling opportunities for your wedding photos.

And when you have a party inside a dedicated room, you can hold it on the balcony where you can enjoy a romantic vineyard view.

Prepare The Party Program: $1,988

The preparation part includes writing the script, choosing a band to entertain, and MC hosting the party.

Especially in this package, the guest can choose the band. It’s great, isn’t it?

Take Photos/Videos: $2,400

The package includes pre-wedding photoshoots. We also have photography and videography services if you want.

Wedding Dress: $2,500

Choosing a wedding dress is probably also quite a time-consuming problem for many couples.

Understanding the difficult psychology of customers, Lakeridge Winery’s wedding service has many models and different styles for you to choose from. 

Besides, we have a team of enthusiastic consultants to help you make the best choice.

We also provide a variety of wedding rings for you to refer to and choose for your life partner with a reasonable price but full of meaning.

Wedding dresses, wedding rings are ready. Now it’s time for makeup to level up your beauty on such a big day.

Lakeridge Winery has professional makeup artists to help you create the best hair and accessories for your outfit.

Decoration: $2,379

This package provides you with an impressive and luxurious wedding space with a classic style. It includes the following parts:

Photo backdrops where you can create beautiful scenes to capture unique photos.

We will decorate the gallery table with photos capturing the beautiful moments of the couple.

We also select the stage and other accessories in the wedding from famous brands to boost the elegance of the party.

Our staff will spruce up the stage in the most pleasing and impressive way. Your stage will be the main focal point of the event and the backdrop for most wedding photos.

Other accessories such as standard tables, chairs, linens, napkins, and rentals are also selected from trusted suppliers.


This package party will be held on: 

  • Saturday-Sunday: $3,200
  • Time of year: seasonal

Event Times

We will organize the event within 5 hours.

During this time, the two families will exchange gifts for each other.

Next is time for the party. Everyone drinks together to congratulate the bride and groom and enjoy the food.

At the end of the party, you will have a chance to take photos with the guests and your family.

Menu: $1,260

The menu includes the following dishes. Or guests can choose by themselves

Starter: Mixed greens with candied pecans, goat cheese, etc.

Main course: Filet Mignon medallions in a zinfandel reduction with roasted potatoes and green beans, etc.

Dessert: Wedding cake, tiramisu, etc.

Drink: Wine made by Lakeridge Winery, Lakeridge Winery& Vineyards South Red, etc.

Service fee or bonus: 20%

You will get:

  • 10% discount on fabric flower gate rental
  • 5% off on decoration service

There will be an incurred service fee of 5%.

Honeymoon: $6,800

Honeymoon week will take place in 5 days 4 nights in Hawaii + Miami. You can make payment by cash or bank transfer.

Service Price List Added

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Lakeridge Winery

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Lakeridge Winery

You can negotiate the price with the service lessor. The following is a detailed list of service prices that Lakeridge Winery weddings offer you:

  • Decorative large high-class fabric flower gate with a height of 2m2: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • A 7m long bubble tube: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Fabric flower pillars, large bubble pillars: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Fresh flower gates help to add a lively touch to the party (price depends on size and type of fresh flowers): Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Square seat padding, white seat cover, and color bow of your choice. We will select good mattress material from a quality brand for more comfort: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Arrange the decoration of the round table covered with luxurious towels + 10 high-quality red plastic chairs. This part creates a luxurious look for the party: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Decorate the canvas with your favorite colors, showing the style and personality of the bride and groom: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Spread the red and green carpet along the aisle with the size of 2m: Negotiate with the service lessor.
  • Prepare Styrofoam where the name of the ceremony, the date, and the couple’s names are printed: Negotiate with the service lessor.



Sunset Wedding Photos At Lakeridge Winery

Sunset Wedding Photos At Lakeridge Winery

The above article informs you of 2 packages of wedding planning services and the Lakeridge Winery wedding cost for 100 guests.

You can come to the free tour, then do a wine tasting and choose Lakeridge winery weddings to make the most reasonable decision for the most important day of his life.