Have A Wedding On Good Friday- Should Or Shouldn’t?

Have A Wedding On Good Friday- Should Or Shouldn’t

You are planning to have your wedding on Good Friday but don’t know if that is a good idea or not? This article will tell you why you should or shouldn’t.


Before dwelling on the main question of whether you should have a wedding on Good Friday, you must know what the event is. If you are not a Christian or raised in a Christian family, chances are you haven’t been familiar with the term yet. Good Friday is a traditional commemoration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It is also known as the Friday before Easter.

At the time, Roman leaders arrested and executed Jesus for his teaching and claiming to be God’s son. He was nailed on a wooden cross and left to death – the greatest sacrifice for humankind.

Good Friday Commemorates Jesus’ Death On The Cross

Good Friday Commemorates Jesus’ Death On The Cross

It is, despite the name, a sorrowful and solemn event that Christians spend to mourn and remember Jesus’ death. In reality, the name for the observance is Karfreitag, which means “Sorrowful Friday” in German.

For that sorrowful meaning, it might seem counterintuitive that the observance is called “Good.” The truth is, the word Good here is another way to imply that it is a ceremony or season that the Church considers holy.

The commemoration takes place three days before the traditional Easter, in which Jesus’ resurrection occurred. Yet, despite its meaning, only a dozen states officially recognize the event as a holiday. Yet, it’s still a significant and solemn observance for Christians everywhere.

Now, let’s dive into the real question.

What Are The Reasons That You Should Consider Having A Wedding On Good Friday?

First of all, since the event is an official commemoration in some places and near the weekend, it can be a day off for some people. 

If you plan to celebrate your wedding, your guests will have more time to commute to your place and stay. Some friends and relatives who live in other states or countries, for example, can find this convenient.

It is also a great time for the couple and family to prepare for the event with a long weekend. Weddings can take many months for planning, writing invitations, etc. 

But other essential parts of it come right before the main event are decorating and setting up. Whether you want to have your wedding at home or outdoors, it usually takes up to one day.

If your guests and family are not religious, they won’t have any problems celebrating at the time. There is no law or restriction from the authority to ban you from holding your wedding either. After all, it’s your personal choice and freedom.

Bride And Bridesmaids Group

Bride And Bridesmaids Group

What’s more, if the couple and their family want a low-key celebration, this might come in handy. During the holy weekend or Lent season in general, people can be very busy with their religious schedule. 

That can be a great excuse if you want to limit your guest list. Combined with a solemn and quiet atmosphere, it is a good time for a modest wedding.

The fact that you can expect a low-key celebration also means that you can save your budget here and then.

Why You Should Not Have A Wedding On Good Friday?

On the other hand, if the couple and family are very religious, having your wedding at this event is a big No-No. 

First, you have to understand that Lent season, in general, is a very solemn, sorrowful time, especially on the weekend before Christmas, which consists of Good Friday and Holy Saturday. These events are supposed to be low-key, religious that Christians spend to commemorate and praise God.

Small Wedding On The Covid-19 Pandemic

Small Wedding On The Covid-19 Pandemic

It might come off as very disrespectful, even offensive, for some religious people to have a personal event at the time. If your guests and friends live and breathe religion and you want them to show up during the celebration, it’s best to wait until after Easter.

Then, you have to consider an essential aspect that the Church doesn’t allow weddings on this day. The term is in line with the Circular Letter Concerning Preparation and Celebration of Easter Feasts established in 1988. 

The Circular Letter implies that except for impending death, there’s no reason one can hold an uplifting ceremony during the two mentioned observances. Also, expect priests and officiants to disallow or not have free time to perform your wedding since they are very busy with full schedules.

Bear in mind that it is anticlimactic to hold your wedding with a very solemn, quiet, sorrowful atmosphere. While it’s a great chance for low-key people, if you want a more joyful, crowded celebration, then it’s best to avoid such a religious contradiction.

Easter Food

Easter Food

Also, another trade-off is the limits for the menu and decorations. Even if your religious relatives and friends agree to attend your wedding, they can be fasting or practicing spiritual self-denial. That means no meat and other dietary requirements you have to follow.

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Is Good Friday A Good Day For A Wedding?

Generally, it’s not inherently good or bad to have your wedding coincide with the event. However, it would help if you considered it carefully based on your values, the situations, and the guests.

On one side, if you are not too religious or even atheist, there should be no concern regarding your most important life event. While the Church restricts it, there’s no official law or regulations in most modern countries.

You can also save costs and have cozy gatherings considering a long weekend and festival atmosphere before Easter.

On the other hand, if religion is a vital part of you, your partner, and your family, you should avoid the consideration at all costs. Not only is it a selfish act to some Christians, but your wedding can also be skipped and overwhelmed by other important ceremonies.


We hope that our article is sufficient to answer your question: Is it worth it to have your wedding on Good Friday? Remember that whether you are religious or not, a wedding is not only the day between you and your spouse but also a gathering for your family and friends to witness your spiritual connections.

That’s why having an explicit, determined consideration before your wedding is crucial for your most significant life event. We hope you can enjoy your ceremony and be happy no matter your choice.