Caricature Artist For Wedding – New Entertaining Form For The Celebration

Caricature Artist For Wedding New Entertaining Form For The Celebration

What is a caricature? Why should you hire caricature artists for wedding? Refer to this article to find out more about this new trend on wedding days. 

You surely know the definition of a caricature artist – the draftsman who depicts someone or something in an exaggerated way of drawing. Regardless of the purpose of the drawing, it will make viewers laugh at the first sign they see it.

As this form of art brings humor and laughter, have you ever thought of hiring caricature artists for wedding? If you are unsure about the answer, read on!

 Bride And Groom Caricature Artist

Bride And Groom Caricature Artist

Why Should You Hire A Caricature Artist For Wedding? 

The caricature is always trendy, all thanks to the creatively funny and entertainment it obtains. Thus, it will add a lot of fun to the atmosphere at your marriage ceremony, turning it into a joyful and delightful space. 

Though most people often take a lot of photos at special occasions, taking pictures might be annoying to some people since they think that they are not really photogenic. 

It’s nothing serious, but they can feel left out when everyone else is busy taking lots of pictures together, except for them. Also, they won’t have anything to celebrate their presence at the event. 

Plus, taking pictures is not always a good way to keep the memories. Not many people enjoy taking pictures, and it doesn’t bring any joy in the process either. 

Hiring caricaturists will keep your guests entertained during the ceremony. They will also have fun pictures to commemorate the special occasion. Each drawing will bring a smile and keep your guests more enjoyable. As not every marriage ceremony holds special and surprising activities, your ceremony can create impressive memories imprint in the guests mind!

Moreover, most artists are not just focused on painting their paintings. During the drawing process, they can also make jokes to make the guests laugh without charging more fees. 

So, instead of hiring a traditional photographer, why not opt for something more interesting like a caricature?

Caricature Artist For Wedding

Caricature Artist For Wedding

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Caricature Artist For Wedding? 

Pricing will depend on the caricaturist and on what type of service you choose for your ceremony.

In most cases, caricaturists charge by hours. The average caricature artist wedding price will range from $100 to $200, and usually, they will also accept a minimum of 2 hours of hiring.

There are different service packages for you to choose from to suit your ceremony. You can hire by hours, by days if the occasion lasts for a couple of days, or by each drawing that they provide. 

In addition, the cost to hire different skilled and experienced caricaturists will also vary. The minimum time to hire them will also be different. 

Caricature Artists Them For Wedding Guests

Caricature Artists Them For Wedding Guests

There are also factors that affect the price, such as depending on the location of the event and the time (such as holidays, weekends), etc. So, if you have a low budget, consider having your wedding on Good Friday, it will save you money on hiring a cartoonist!

Who Will The Caricature Artist Draw At Your Wedding? 

Basically, everyone at the party can get a drawing of themselves. Unless they are not willing to sit still for a while or patiently wait for their turn. The process of sitting still and modeling for the artist is very short, as it can take as little as 5 minutes for a painting. 

The problem may be because sometimes too many guests want to have their portrait painted, and there are too few caricaturists. 

Normally, the bride and groom will be drawn first. After that, the family members of both sides and the party guests can then ask for a picture of themselves. 

The Guests Were Happy To Receive Their Caricatures

The Guests Were Happy To Receive Their Caricatures

How Does The Caricature Artist Work At The Wedding? 

Caricaturists will ask guests to sit and model for them for a while. They will directly draw a picture that takes only 4-5 minutes, meaning that an artist can draw up to about 15 pictures an hour. 

Once finished, the fun portraits are guaranteed to make your guests laugh out loud. The draftsman will entertain them for a few minutes and keep them at the party longer.

Caricaturists may stand when working if the space is cramped and crowded. However, they often sit to be able to work more comfortably and with less effort, especially when they are hired to draw for a long period of time. 

While painting, they will also make the guests who are modeling laugh because of the humor from the stories and jokes. This way, your guests will feel more comfortable and not feel awkward when standing still for someone to stare at them.

Plus, the caricaturists usually perform after or before the meal to make sure that they won’t interrupt it. 

Is It Good To Have A Caricature Artist In Your Wedding? 

You probably don’t want your marriage ceremony to be as quiet and boring as a political meeting. As it’s an important occasion in your life, let’s make it fun and exciting as much as you can!

Furthermore, you should make your guests feel comfortable by creating a playful atmosphere. That way, they’ll likely have a good impression of the ceremony and stay with you for longer, instead of feeling tedious and awkward on such an occasion. 

Having a caricaturist is indeed a great thing if you are fond of an existing and creative wedding. Your guests will be very curious and eagerly waiting for their turn to be painted. Who doesn’t want a self-portrait with a smile, right?


In short, having a caricature artist for wedding is a good element to celebrate the joy of the special ceremony!

This activity is also a great way to encourage the traditional form of communication between attendees, instead of capturing and sharing the moments via digital tools & social platforms!

Above is the information about the art of caricature and the reason why you should consider this activity for your marriage ceremony!