How Much Does A Wedding Album Cost? – Spend Smarter For Your Big Day!

How Much Does A Wedding Album Cost – Spend Smarter For Your Big Day

Have you ever wondered which exact fund you should spend on capturing your big day? Check out How much does a wedding album cost for more fruitful details!

More than a container for your big day captures, a photo collection is something your whole family and your husband-wifey can cherish for life. Plus, your precious photos are also easily accessible to anyone, whether young or old!

So the question here is: How much does a wedding album cost, and how to make it in an appropriate way? Confusing no more with our in-depth advice which will help you the best! Now, let’s jump right in for further information!

Beautiful Wedding Album

Beautiful Wedding Album

What Determines The Cost Of A Wedding Album?


How much does a wedding album cost? The size speaks volume!

Here comes the two most prevalent formats you must first choose between going to the size selection’s step: Vertical albums and square albums.

Once having done with that, you can then opt from small, medium, large, or even the customized one based on the available options your service offers.

Type Of Paper

The type of paper utilized to print out the final outcome also matters as well.

For example, satin-finish photo paper will be more valuable than standard photo paper. In case you want to spruce it up, extra details like the rounded bezel and silver-plated lettering also cost you more than usual.

Cover Material

The cover will be the one that first catches your sight as you look at the album. In point of fact, there is no way it can’t be left aside.

Especially, one of the decisive factors that are difficult to overlook is whether you go with the hardcover format or not. Several stores these days even come up with some other unconventional ideas such as velvet or wooden cover.

Of course, the more extravagant material you use, the more expensive your keepsake will cost. But isn’t it an allure that is hard to resist?

Number of Pages

Another factor that affects the overall cost of a wedding album is the number of pages. An extra spread, for instance, can cost you about $2. Wanna have more spreads? The budget you spend must raise more as well!

Album Keepsake Box

A box to keep your memento clean, long-lasting, and equally aesthetically pleasing is necessary but not mandatory.

You can choose a wooden, wrapped in cloth or plastic paper box depending on your personal preference. But remember, the better its material, the more pricey it will be!

Wedding Album Box

Wedding Album Box

How Much Budget Do You Need To Prepare To Buy A Wedding Album? 

Low Price And High-Quality Albums

Now when it comes to a cost-effective nuptial album, it’s impossible not to mention which types of album you put your eyes on, the low price or high-quality one?

Inferior quality photo books can range anywhere from $25 to $75, while the one of greater quality can cost from $150 to $1000.

Comparison Between Albums And Books

“Hold on! There are differences between albums and books?” Yes, we know it must be overwhelming when having to distinct things over and over again. However, come and give a quick glance; it might not be as complicated as you think!

Simply explained, an album is where you place your printed images. What about books? It is a kind of method in which the store will put your photo into designs, then print them and bind them into a whole new personalized collection.

Some photographers only offer album covers and prints of photos that can go up to $400 or more. This way, you can arrange the sequence or take out and put the pictures in as you like, but it will lack a bit of the aesthetic sense from the expert.

Others spend additional time and money to level up the image using graphics software, printer and place them in the album aesthetically, which is also more expensive than the first choice. In exchange, you’ll have a lovely wedding book to show off to anybody you want!

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Wedding Album Printed?

Traditionally expensive printed wedding collections’ cost typically falls somewhere between $250 to $450. These albums are frequently made of Italian leather and hand-bound.

On the other hand, you can also go with the option of cut-rate professionally printed bridal albums, which range from $10 to $30 at mass-market photo printing sites.

Where To Buy Albums?

The typical way to purchase an album is to request your wedding photographer’s services. Alternatively, you can also visit sites that offer expensive albums like Wedding Album Depot or less costly options like Wedding Mountain and Wedding Albums, and more.

When You Have $1000 How Will You Buy The Album Accordingly?

It will be more challenging if you have a limited budget. But don’t rush to worry, because we’re here to help!

From only $150 to $350, you can have yourself a stunning, high-quality nuptial collection.  Even if you don’t have that much money, you can also possess a bare photo book and enrich it in the most personal way with just $50.

What about $1000? Wow, we have to say that’s quite a fair amount for a perfect album. All you need to do now is simply to hit the road and choose a reliable service for your superb payback coming in!


Classic Photo Albums

Classic Photo Album

Types Of Common Wedding Photo Album

Classic Photo Albums

The pages of traditional picture books are curled and incredibly thin. They can be as thin as 1 cm thick.

You could make the book such that a single photo takes up more than two pages, but it would appear strange because the pages bend in the center.

Plus, photo slots for 4×6 prints are standard in traditional wedding books. With such size, you can have extra spaces for up to 5×7 and 8×10 prints available at a reasonable price which is anywhere from $100 to $1000 up to your selection.

Digital Book Album

Digital book albums are an accessible choice if you want more control over photo selection and the overall aesthetic of the finished product.

This way, you also won’t need to splash a fortune to buy professional albums from the photographer but still own an outstanding one which only ranges from $50 to $100.

Digital wedding albums, also known as coffee table wedding albums, come in all shapes and sizes, rectangular, square, and can be up to 20 inches by 20 inches (50 cm by 50 cm).

You can choose to have it in as little as five spreads (meaning ten pages) and as many as 40 spreads (80 pages) for this choice. While this doesn’t say much about how many photos you can put in a book, we can still estimate it somehow.

Here’s our advice: if you have an album as small as 10 inches, don’t put more than three images on each page. In case you have a larger album, you can now consider having six or eight or even more photos on a page.

Professional Wedding Albums

This is the type of service offered by photographers as part of a photography package or as an add-on.

Many people lament that this type of album is often very expensive, even more extravagant than any other type. However, we believe it has a good reason for such a high price tag.

So first, your photographer will be the one to keep track and work with this upshot from the first page to the last. You do not need to put in a little effort and still have a set of beautiful photos in every detail.

Professionally printed albums featuring digital photos printed on book-quality paper in bound book form. And like all albums, its price will depend on your choices of size, material, and the number of pages you want, ranging from $80 to $800.

Besides, places with beautiful scenery like Matheson Hammock Park also contribute to creating great photos in your wedding album.

Premium Wedding Photo Album

Premium Wedding Photo Album


Now you have acknowledged: how much should a wedding album cost, is it time to pave your way and get yourself a bargain? A wedding album’s expense depends on various factors, yet you can always get a decent one with only about $150 to $350.

Hope our post on How much does a wedding album cost can help you somehow perfect your big day! See you later!