How To Alter The Wedding Dress To Fit?

How To Alter The Wedding Dress To Fit

Looking for some advice and useful information on wedding dress alterations before and after? Click on this blog for detailed tips related to this topic!


We all want our wedding dresses to perfectly fit our bodies and turn them into the most beautiful queens on our special days, right?

However, this wish is hard to achieve without proper alterations because the store-bought dress cannot meet our specifications or accentuate our bodies quite well.

Due to that reason, dress alteration is a must to “create” your dream gown – ensuring you look gorgeous and feel the best in your bridal outfit throughout the special occasion. 

Now, let’s jump into the parts below to discover more useful information about wedding dress alterations before and after!

Traditional White Wedding Dress

Traditional White Wedding Dress

Benefits Of The Altered The Wedding Dress Before And After 

Why should you need alterations when your gown has already looked amazing?

Well, even if you have splurged on a pricey gown, it probably will not fit perfectly without the proper adjustments.

That is because everybody’s shape is different, and you possibly need to fix your gown to ensure it meets your specifications. In this way, it will accentuate your body shape and make you look the most gorgeous on your special day. 

Furthermore, wearing a perfectly fitted bridal outfit makes you comfortable throughout your day. 

As such, you can breathe, talk, and walk comfortably without worrying about the issues; for example, the straps keep slipping off your shoulders.

The Most Popular Wedding Dress Models

The Most Popular Wedding Dress Models

There Are Tips For Wedding Dress Alterations You Should Know About 

Almost every bride needs a few adjustments to their bridal outfits to get the perfect fit. That is why we bring you some tips on wedding dress alterations before and after.

We hope that these tips will help you get the best gown for your special day!

Alter The Neckline

It is quite common to customize the neckline depth, as it can bring you any look you prefer.

For instance, If you desire a sexy look, you can opt for a lower-plunging neckline. On the other hand, a conservative higher neckline will make you look more elegant. 

Add Lace Sleeves 

One of the most famous ways to make your outfit look trendy is by adding lace sleeves. However, it might be difficult to find the proper lace sleeves for your gown. 

If you have a high demand for this, discuss them with the seamstress, and they will show and pin the available unattached sleeves on your outfit. Then, they will customize the bodice and add lace or appliqué to the sleeves. 

Alter The Back

It is usually possible to adjust the back regardless of the style of the bridal outfit you have. 

We suggest that you have some inspiring photos of the back you prefer when consulting with your seamstress. In this way, the seamstress can bring you the best design options to choose from based on your ideas and preference. 

The back alteration is quite expensive compared to the other customizations, as it requires the seamstress to make a meticulous plan for the back with the bride. 

Bride And Groom

Bride And Groom

Shorten The Hem

In general, the bridal gown manufacturers make the gown extra long, so it also suits taller women. As such, sometimes, the hem is too long for you that requires you to shorten it.

The cost for reducing the hem varies depending on the layers, and the lace needs to be taken off before attaching it back to the final hem length. 

Take In/Out On The Side Seams

The standard bridal outfit form hardly fits everyone’s body because of its uniqueness. That means you need to take the gown in or out on the hips and waist to make it perfectly fit your body shape.

A note to remember is to ask the sales assistant how many sizes you can adjust the outfit up and down. It is much easier to reshape the clothes into a smaller version. You will never need to worry about losing the integrity of the original design or having the old seam appear clearly. 

How Much Does Wedding Alterations Cost? 

The wedding alterations cost varies depending on the bridal boutique, the material, the intricacy of the design, and the type of adjustments you order.

In case you plan to purchase the bridal outfit online, you can always shop around to compare prices before making your decision. Below are the examples of potential gown alteration costs to factor in.

  • Adding or removing the sides of the gown: $30-$50
  • Adding or removing ides of skirt or bodice: $20-$30
  • Beading: ~ $30 per hour
  • Heming gown: $40-$100
  • Reshaping neckline: $45-$60
  • Sewing in bra cups: $30-$40
  • Shortening straps: $20-$40
  • Adding a belt: $30-$40
  • Steaming: ~$50
  • Bustle: $30-$60, depending on the type and number of buttons, hooks, or ribbons you want to have on your outfit.

Now, let us give you some bonus tips for having the proper alterations at the best price:

  • First, set your budget and compare the prices among the alteration service providers. 
  • You should wear your ceremony day shoes, undergarments, and accessories during the first appointment with the seamstress. This helps you and the seamstress know the best possible look for your gown and the customizations needed to be done.
  • Go over all your desired changes as well as their costs. Ensure you get everything listed in writing or have a detailed receipt before you leave the gown for the seamstress.


Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress

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Above is all the most necessary information you need to know about wedding dress alterations before and after.

Proper customizations will ensure you look the best in your dream outfit and stay in comfort throughout the day.

Therefore, please remember to have good communication with the consultant during the altering process. This helps you work with the seamstress effectively, resulting in your unique, beautiful bridal gown. 

Up next: If you are just embarking on your bridal dress journey, let’s have a glimpse at our wedding dress style guide. Do keep in mind that you are going to be an amazing queen regardless of the design and the follow-up alterations!