Ivory Vs Champagne Wedding Dress: Which Hue Is For You?

Ivory Vs Champagne Wedding Dress Which Hue Is For You

If you’re in two minds about ivory vs champagne wedding dress, let us help you out! Here is a breakdown of these white shades to let you shine on your big day!


On her big wedding day, the bride always wants to don the most beautiful wedding dress. It’s only natural that how she looks walking down the aisle will be remembered by her family and friends forever. A stunning wedding dress flatters the bride’s pearly figure and makes her stand out at the wedding party. 

While stark white is the first bridal color choice of many brides, ivory and champagne wedding dresses are also considered classic colors and are increasingly preferred by many people. 

For those who prefer a subtle hint of color without straying too far from the traditional look, these two flattering colors can make you look your best on the wedding day.  

Both of these shades of white bring a romantic feeling to the special day. While they are preferred by many, they differ in various ways. Let’s take a look at ivory vs champagne wedding dresses to see what suits you the most!

Choose The Best Color For Your Wedding Dress

Choose The Best Color For Your Wedding Dress

Ivory Wedding Dress

These wedding dresses have a pale yellow tone, which resembles the color of elephant tusks. This hue has gained popularity among modern brides as it’s flattering for all skin tones. Pale ivory dressers, however, might appear as natural white to the naked eyes until you’re told about the color. 

If you have pale skin with pink tones, in particular, you may want to gravitate towards soft ivory instead of stark or diamond white. A wedding gown in that color will help your complexion pop instead of stark white that can wash out your skin. 

Off-Shoulder Ivory Dress

Off-Shoulder Ivory Dress

Brides and grooms choose ivory since it reflects the colors of nature in a dramatic tone. Unlike stark white, wedding gowns in this hue introduce richness and warmth. This color creates grace, purity, and softness and makes the bride look absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle. 

A Halter Ivory Dress

A Halter Ivory Dress

Ivory wedding dresses are most favored for spring and fall weddings. Brides with a rich brown complexion look stunning in a rich ivory dress, whereas those with creamy or olive skin are gorgeous in a paler ivory shade gown. 

You should go for ivories if you have classic red or blonde or auburn redhead in terms of hair color. The auburn redhead, in particular, might turn out brunette in certain lighting conditions, which is not a great match with stark white. 

It’s worth noting that certain materials work best to bring out a stunning, wow-worthy ivory gown. In general, silky materials such as satin, chiffon, and taffeta showcase the undertones of this shade. 

The hue is also a nice match with lace and florals. They look stunning together, making for a rustic look for your modern fairytale-ing. 

Champagne Color Wedding Dress

Champagne is another trendy shade of white for those who don’t want to veer far away from the tradition. 

Champagne color dresses give a hint of yellow, pale pink, or light brown – the colors derived from the typical color of champagne. These hues are generally a little darker and warmer than ivory dresses, yet by no means less than romantic and showstopping. 

This hue is highly versatile and perfectly matches with lace, chiffon, tulle, and organza. Champagne is a traditional color for classic bridal style and lends a vintage feel to the brides. 

Champagne Dress With A Veil

Champagne Dress With A Veil

This is the color of choice among brides and grooms for evening or winter weddings. Many second-time brides also choose champagne gowns for their elegant, vintage look. 

Wintery weddings are often held outdoors, and the bride will be surrounded by nature; this makes the golden hue of champagne dresses pop and glow, creating an angelic look for the bride.

Champagne color offers sufficient contrast that it’s flattering almost all skin tones. It looks best on tanned and dark skin as the contrast will highlight the natural beauty of these complexions. 

This hue, however, is not a great choice for those with white skin, as it would make the bribe look pale and washed out. Wedding dresses in a champagne color look great with dark blonde or brown-haired women. 

Champagne color (golden luster) symbolizes wealth and luxury. Bridal attire is associated with elegance and nobility and creates warmth and charm. Champagne-colored dresses can be stunningly paired with shades of noble golden and brown, so consider these colors when decorating your wedding venue. 

If your groom also wants to stray away from the classic black attire, you can choose beige or brown since these two colors create a perfect combination with the champagne shade. Only make sure that the groom’s outfit is two tones darker than the gowns. 


It’s worth noting that brown skin color contrasts with light ivory-colored dresses. This reveals blemishes, so ivory should not be the color of choice for those with brown complexion. 

Meanwhile, the golden hue of champagne lightens the brown skin and thus highlights the strange, luxurious style. In the ivory vs champagne wedding dress matchup, the latter is obviously more elegant than ivory ones for those with this complexion.

Choose ivory or champagne is also a idea help you to alter the wedding dress before and after. Rea more: How To Alter The Wedding Dress To Fit?


The color white has always been a bridal color, as it is associated with innocence and purity. While clear white dresses have long been a traditional choice for brides in centuries, ivory and champagne-colored dresses are becoming increasingly popular for those wanting to change things up without going too far from tradition. 

It all comes down to the bride’s preferences to pick the dress she feels looks her best on her big day. The bride can choose any color and style, as long as it suits her! When it comes to her bridal attire, the sky’s the limit. It’s all about making her feel beautiful, but in general, it’s advisable to pick a color that works best for your skin tone.

Due to the versatility, more and more brides-to-be are turning to ivory and champagne colors over pure white, which has always been considered a traditional bridal color. So, have you made up your mind between ivory vs champagne wedding dress?