Matheson Hammock Park Weddings – Where To Save Precious Moments

Matheson Hammock Park Weddings – Where To Save Precious Moments

Wishing to hold an outdoor wedding but still wondering whether it can cost you much? Check our Matheson Hammock Park Weddings right now to get more options! 

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Card Templates

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Card Templates


Firstly appearing in 1930, Matheson Hammock Park is known as the first one of Miami Dade County.  It apparently has long been a familiar place for people here. – And if you have the intention to hold an important event here, it would be the best decision of your life.

This park is located right on the most beautiful street of coastal Miami – the Old Cutler Road, the south of Coral Gables.

With the width of 630 acres, it can make you overwhelmed by vast stretches covered by the green of mangroves and hardwood trees.

Its natural backdrop makes it easily suitable for holding special anniversaries such as Matheson Hammock Park weddings, company events, birthday parties, friends gatherings, or family reunions.

At this place, you can take a walk on the trails along the coast lined with palm trees. This park also owns the manmade Antoll pool. The water here is quite shallow and calm. That’s why it is actually safe for children to swim.

Matheson Hammock Park Sunrise

Matheson Hammock Park Sunrise

Why You Have To Choose Matheson Hammock Park For Your Wedding? 

Finding a place to hold a wedding is never an easy decision. That’s because this is not only the place for your couple but also for family members and loved ones gathering to send you all the best.

Therefore, you should have to consider carefully to let these best reunion moments stay forever in everyone’s heart coming to your party.

Normally, many couples choose places to hold outdoor activities like swimming for participants to entertain. But, it still ensures privacy and quietness when their wedding is happening.

Matheson Hammock Park weddings is such a place you need to refer to. If you’re looking for a fairytale-style wedding, you can’t go wrong with this venue. This place offers a full range of services, from eating to playing.

The first thing that leaves a deep impression in the couples’ eyes is snack bars and restaurants built of coral stone. You can book a small party here on the night before the official wedding to express your gratitude to the attendees.

You and your partner also can enjoy your honeymoon on the beach full of sand and many delicious dishes from first-class restaurants.

It’s a miss if not mention Matheson Marina – one of the most famous marinas in Florida. If you’ve experienced sailing here, we bet you will never forget it.

In addition, the Atoll pool we mentioned above is suitable for children and ideal for adults to chill with the view of Biscayne Bay.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Matheson Hammock Park

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Matheson Hammock Park

Would The Guests Love This Wedding At Matheson Hammock Park?

If you’re considering making that romantic ceremony in the sunshine a reality, then there’s no better time to start planning the moment you’ll say ‘I do’.

We can make sure that any Matheson Hammock park wedding reception can satisfy everything guests require.

This park lies on the most beautiful road that is so convenient for moving. Your guests do not take much time going and can see many picturesque scenes on the way to your wedding ceremony.

Not only that, a mouthwatering menu showcasing exquisite options is the vital decision to please your attendees. They serve everything from a canape menu to a buffet with a delicious taste at Matheson. 

They also try to incorporate fresh local ingredients to bring the diversity of choices for your guests. If you get some vegetarian friends, don’t worry since they can offer many other vegetable meals to choose from.

This alone shows your sophistication to loved ones, so how could they not love your wedding here?

After that, they have a chance to walk on the trails and buy some souvenirs at picnic pavilions before leaving.

Furthermore, there are many outdoor activities such as kiteboarding, fishing, kayaking, etc. You guys can join together before enjoying the party. 

Nature lovers will find a homely connection to your wedding being set in a forest or floating on the sea. This is also the chance for you to get close with your future wife/husband’s cousins and friends. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have The Wedding At Matheson Hammock Park?

One problem that always gives you a headache is the cost and surcharge calculating. Many couples believe that planning the perfect wedding strengthens their relationship and is the ideal way to bring your families and friends together.

Regardless of intending to set up a small cozy party or monumental events for your day, it would be best to manage all fees incurred during the wedding.

Right after beginning a newlywed life, no one wants to get into debt, right?

Coming to Matheson, there would be no nervousness you can get. They have clearly rented list prices for every service they offer, including space rental, rented bar, food, chair, table, and decoration. 

Depending on the total number of attendees, you can estimate how much money you can pay for. Matheson Hammock Park is quite large, so it can serve the big party up to 100 guests with an affordable price at under $200 for shelter rental.

Rest assured that this price is down with smaller reunions!

In addition, Lakeridge Winery is also an interesting place that you can choose to hold your big day.

Sunset Engagement Photography At Matheson Hammock Park

Sunset Engagement Photography At Matheson Hammock Park


Whether your wedding is just a small private party or a sumptuous one, we still believe that the moment when you say ” Yes, I do” will be one of the most sacred moments of your life.

Say “Goodbye” to the single status, open the door of marriage and step on the long remaining road with your partner without any worry! 

We’ve already known that there are so many things to do at this time, from clothing to decorations, which make you stressed before the wedding.

Plus, maybe the lockdown period still lasting can make it more difficult to prepare for the big day. But Matheson Hammock park weddings can support you from A to Z if booking in advance.

Hence, don’t hesitate to contact them as soon as possible!

If you’re having any trouble holding your wedding, let’s leave your questions in our comment box right now! We will give you the answer immediately.

Hope you get the best wedding you always wish for!