A Dreamlike Rose Petals Wedding Aisle – How To make?

A Dreamlike Rose Petals Wedding Aisle – How To make

Are you planning to make your processional more dreamlike and romantic than ever with rose decoration? Click on to see how many rose petals are for the wedding aisle!

The rose is the most well-known love symbol globally; they are sweet flowers that are cherished by their intensive passion & love message. Therefore, we could easily see the presence of this flower on most important occasions – As a gift or simply for decoration purposes.

If you are looking for ways to turn your marriage ceremony into a dreamlike one, consider beautifying the entrance hall with rose petals!

The presence of these floral leaves on that day will brighten the whole ritual and highlight the couple’s love. If you like this idea, scroll down to learn all useful tips and information related to the topic, such as “how many rose petals are for the wedding aisle?”, “how to beautify the corridor yourself?” Let’s take a look down here!

Roses Spread On Both Sides Of The Path

Roses Spread On Both Sides Of The Path

How to Create a Path with Rose Petals at a Wedding

There are a wide variety of ways to do it. Rose can be used to make beautiful bridal bouquets, toss flower-petal in a creative paper cone, or drop in Indian dance. You can even decorate the cake table or make an eye-catching reception table with this sweet and meaningful flower.

When entering a wedding ceremony, a special feature that immediately catches your eye is the entrance for the processional. Thus, do not miss the chance to give this area some “colors” as well!

The first step in making a lovely, charming walkway is to determine the size of your walkway or walkways. What is its length and width? Make sure that all the measurements and calculations are accurate for a perfect effect! 

Rose Petal Aisle Styles 

In general, people normally choose white and red as the color of the flower on this occasion. We suggest you combine both colors for the optimal visual result! With an ivory and champagne wedding dress, the bride will become much more gorgeous on her wedding day.

Besides, do not forget to consider the shape and style of the rose! Those in the swirly style, which are lined up along the pathway, can create an elegant look. Meanwhile, you can get that modern and fresh look with some geometric shapes of roses. 

There are numerous styles, and each brings a different atmosphere! Do some research and opt for the one that best reveals the mood you want for the ceremony!

How Do You Calculate How Many Petals You will Need to Create your Desired Design?

There are numerous methods for calculating the area required for your desired design by utilizing a rug. You can choose a light scattering rug or a petal rug, then add the square footage of your walkway and multiply it by the number of cups required to get the size you desire. If you prefer to follow a pattern or a vortex, we will provide you with a simple calculation:

Some patterns, for example, can be deduced with a little guesswork. If you want each flower to be about 4 square feet, make 5 of them, and with 6 cups of petal coverage, you’ll get the result by multiplying them all together => 4x5x6 = 120 cups. 

If you keep it in the same area as your top, you’ll get some extra flower-petal, but it’s always better to have too many than too few.

Although there are many ways to calculate this, we consider that using strings is the most effective. 

More specifically, order the chain and measure the total length to create the patterns you want for your wedding. Then, specify the width of your design if you want your chain to be a certain length of 50 feet, with a design 3 feet wide and a price that covers four cups. In the same manner, multiply them to get the result 50x3x4=600 cups of petals.

Red And White Rose Petals At The Wedding Aisle

Red And White Rose Petals At The Wedding Aisle

Color selection is also critical for a flawless effect of the decoration. To make the best choices for your desired deco, we recommend starting with the color palette. In this way, you can select the color, petal shape and easily combine the appropriate sizes to create a one-of-a-kind and wonderful floral aisle!

Visual Images for Each Category


  • Scattered

    Don Juan Rose Red Rose

Don Juan Rose Red Rose

  • Moderate     

Ambridge Rose Pink

Ambridge Rose Pink


  • Dense

Beach Wedding With A Rose Path

Beach Wedding With A Rose Path

How do you figure out how much you’ll need based on your specific needs? First, we’d like to point out that calculating the number of each type is complicated and will require some guesswork. That is, there must be wedding party preparation and quantity and size to calculate a specific number. 

You need to know how many square feet your walkway will be, which you can determine based on the number of guests. Furthermore, their price will be determined by the number of flowers. If that rose costs one dollar, you’ll be charged about three dollars per corridor, just like it costs three dollars if it’s arranged. As a result, you can get the specific calculation based on the price and number of roses ordered per square meter.

Some common types of rose flower-petal used in weddings are silk petals for the aisle, freeze-dried rose flower-petal, fresh roses, etc. The price varies based on the colors of each type. 

We usually use flowers like canary and wildflowers, small natural roses, hydrangeas, or colored rose petals to create a petal overlay on a walkway or path.

So, how do you build up this floral pathway? 

Apply a thick coating of 60 handfuls per square meter, followed by a light coverage of 30 handfuls per square meter and a scattering of 20 handfuls per square meter.

Use the same types as above but different sizes for a petal line (about 25cm wide). A heavy line of 15 hands per meter and ten hands per meter will be used. Remember that you have a row of petals on both sides of the path, so multiply that number by the number of petals in your design.

How much of each type is needed? Many companies will use an average of 35 petals per cup to compare prices. Depending on the size of the petals, the actual quantity per cup will vary.

Freeze-dried, for example, typically cost between $1.50 and $2.50 per cup, though actual prices range from 70 cents to $3.30 per cup.

Fresh roses are typically priced 1 – 2 Dollars per cup; the actual price of a cup is around 58 (cent) to 3 Dollars.

Alternatively, artificial rose flower-petal or silk usually cost between 50 cents and $1.00 per cup.

There will be different pricing depending on the type, size, and quantity that you order.


Overall, how many rose petals For the wedding aisle ?” 

As we have already mentioned, there are numerous ways to decorate your nuptials. The method for calculating the number of petals to decorate to suit the design and price of all types have been presented. 

Rose are always present in most wedding ceremonies, such as bouquets held by the bride, table decorations, or scattered throughout the aisle. They help to create an atmosphere of passion, warmth, and welcoming – the proof of the couple’s sweet love.