Wedding Principal Sponsors – Who Can Witness Your Big Day?

Wedding Principal Sponsors – Who Can Witness Your Big Day

 Have you ever wondered what wedding principal sponsors are? What does it mean? Please read the article below to understand more about the above concept.

Dress Style For Wedding Principal Sponsors

Dress Style For Wedding Principal Sponsors


Wedding principal sponsors – What does it mean?

In the Christian West, it is also known as a godparent, attests to a child’s baptism, and then readily helps them with catechesis and spiritual formation of their whole life.

In the Philippines, the sponsor is called ninongs for godfather and ninangs for godmother. 

Like that in the West, it applies to godparents both when it comes to the child’s baptism and future responsibilities. And the terms also refer to the couple’s main sponsor in the wedding.

A sponsor has extensive knowledge and is trusted, respected by the bride and groom. 

In addition, newly married couples can consult them on how to build a happy and sustainable married life.

What Is A Principal Sponsor In Wedding?

Principal sponsor in wedding can be a woman or a man. They gain trust and admiration from the bride and groom. 

All over the world, their participation in the wedding feast is a symbol of wisdom and their great support for the newlyweds.

They can be relatives of the bride and groom, such as close friends, aunts, and uncles. And they witness the couple attest that they are ready and free to marry.

The primary sponsor is part of the procession. When giving the first blessing, they may also be invited to approach the celebrant and extend their right hand to join in the blessing prayer.

In most traditional weddings, such as in the Philippines, they are usually divided into the principal one and the secondary one. So what’s different about this group? Let’s find out.

Duty And Role Of Principal Sponsors In Wedding 

Principal sponsors are people who act as witnesses on your big day when you sign the marriage certificate.

And they also have the role of consulting you with advice when having difficulties in marriage. This is also why the bride and groom choose the godparent they trust.

Secondary sponsors include:

  • Candle sponsor: working as a wedding candle lighter.
  • Veil sponsor: placing a veil on the bride’s head and groom’s shoulders.
  • Cord sponsor: placing a knotted string on the couple’s head.


In terms of age, there is no regulation for the secondary ones. Even a kid can be in charge of this role.

But about the principal one, there is a rule that they must be over 18 years old. It’s because they must be of legal age to be a witness to the marriage when the couple signs a legally binding document.


According to wedding tradition in the Philippines, ninangs should avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids and florists.

Secondary sponsors have more options. For women, choose outfits such as skirts with wings. For men, it’s a long-sleeve shirt.

Marital Status

Discussing marital status, they are not necessarily married.

But you should prioritize choosing people who have a fulfilling life because they have a lot of experience to give you useful marriage advice.

As for the secondary one, this issue is not important.

Many people wonder if the main one can also act as the secondary one. Our answer is no, for the reasons that we have distinguished the difference between them.

Who Are The Principal Sponsors At The Wedding?

According to the role of responsibility, the bridesmaids and groomsmen must belong to the sub-sponsors.

Who are the main sponsors for the wedding? 

In fact, there is no standard rule that mandates the selection of the main one at the wedding. You can choose relatives and friends, as long as you trust or admire them.

It’s important to be someone you can easily talk to for advice in your marriage journey.

How Old Should Principal Sponsors Be?

As we discussed above, the principal godparent is the legal witnesses for the couple when they put pen to paper to register the marriage. 

Therefore, the principal ones must be over 18 years old since they are legally recognized at this age.

If you choose a person younger than 18 years old, this is strange and not allowed.

How Many Principal Sponsors Are In A Civil Wedding?

This is also a question that many couples are interested in.

Usually, according to the traditional Filipino wedding, the number of ninangs and ninongs couples is usually at least 2 pairs.

For larger weddings, maybe 4 to 6 or more couples depending on the custom and charter in each parish.

You need to keep in mind one important thing when choosing the number of ninongs and ninangs couples: The number of pairs. Because each church has a different rule about the number, you can be fined if exceeding the quantity.

Bride-Groom And Main Sponsor For The Wedding

Bride-Groom And Main Sponsor For The Wedding

How to Invite Principal Sponsors to Your Wedding?

To ask a ninong and ninang couple to come as your marriage witnesses. Here are the steps to send a wedding invitation for principal sponsors:

  1.  Make a list of people you and your spouse admire, trust, and give you advice when needed.
  2. Select once again to close the list. Then you proceed to meet them. Or you can send a letter or make a friendly call to ask for help.

But the best way is probably to meet face-to-face to show your respect and that you really want their help.

  1. After they accept the agreement, you need to send a letter informing them about the date, time, place, and a summary of the content of your party.

In particular, it is important to send a sincere letter thanking them for their participation.

What Should The Principal Sponsors Wear To Attire For The Wedding?

Are you wondering what to wear when being chosen as the main sponsor?

Do not worry! We will introduce you to some of the outfits that can be worn when attending the ceremony.

You need to know where the ceremony is so that you can choose the appropriate dress and colors, such as at a church, on the beach, etc.

Here are a few of the wedding principal sponsors attire you can choose from.

Formal Dress For Wedding Sponsor

Formal Dress For Wedding Sponsor

Can LGBT Members Be The Principal Sponsors At The Wedding?

Of course. No rule or law prohibits LGBT people from being primary sponsors.

However, there are still some places that don’t accept this. Therefore, you need to find out the rules of the local church you register to hold the party.

Can You Customize The Order Of The Process, Or Does It Have To Follow A Western Or Filipino Sequence?

There is no mandatory rule about the order of organizing a party to follow the Western or Philippines’ process.

The process is different from place to place depending on your arrangement and the church where you register to organize. 

The main sponsor’s process is usually: principal sponsors wedding speeches

This part includes introducing the couple, telling a summary of their love story, reciting a passage of prayer, and then reciting their vows. The next part is to invite everyone to join the party.

How To Thank The Principal Sponsors In Wedding?

There are many ways for you to thank them. And sending a meaningful small present will be appreciated.

Here is a list of gift ideas for wedding principal sponsors secondary sponsors:

  • In the Philippines, finding a ceremony token is especially important. You can gift wine, scented candles, ceramics, Aarde, Gourmet flavored salts, desserts, pastries, Artisan tea, coffee, etc.
  • In addition, to express your sincere gratitude, you can also send handwritten thank you cards.

Chocolate Gift Boxes For Your Wedding Sponsors

Chocolate Gift Boxes For Your Wedding Sponsors


The above article is what you need to know about wedding principal sponsors. We hope that the useful information we provide helps you clearly understand their roles, duties, age, invitations, and how to thank them for their participation.